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Crazy for Crypto

Posted by Shawna Carrier on

I started learning and investing in Crypto only a few months ago...maybe November 2020.  My husband has gone through a ton of at home money making ideas...maybe every single one of them over the last few years, but investing Crypto Currency seems to be the one that has stuck.  We like to refer to it as "Digital Currency".  I hope to remove some of the stigmas and answer all the questions that surround this form trade and finance.  Investing is so easy to get started, and I will show you how I started with just $100 using the Voyager App. It is totally legit, and an easy way to earn residual income on the side.  I like this app and trading platform because it seems familiar like my Fidelity trading platform for the stock market. (We can talk about my trading there too, I have earned 50+% on most of my investments over the last few years.)  Is your money working for you?  How is your Credit score?  Want help learning how to get out of debt and create wealth?  Sign up for the newsletter for real world tips, tricks and advice.

Follow my link, trade $100 and we each will get $25 worth of bitcoin deposited in our accounts.  That is an instant 25% Profit margin on your $100 investment. That is a no brainer, to break this down into basics, follow these steps:

Click this link and download the Voyager App:

I'm inviting you to start investing in crypto with Voyager. Download the app and trade $100 to get $25 of free Bitcoin.

Use code M4O87I or this link to claim your BTC:

Connect your Bank Account Info & Transfer $100 (or more ) into your Voyager Account.

Buy Digital Tokens: (ADA, LITE, TRON, ETH, VGX, BIT, STELLAR)  I'm working on my next blog to break down some of these tokens more but those are a few I recommend off the bat. 

Send Email with Code to get the $25: Follow up is Key.

I invite you to join me and my husband on our Investing Journey and look forward to sharing and learning with you.  


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