Votano Industries

Vótano Industries LLC is a grassroot company that  focuses on producing quality, industrial hemp infused products called Cánna-Chi. The company was born on April 20, 2017 and is constantly researching for product improvements, local partnerships, and building alliances with other organizations in Florida's new industry.


We strongly believe in the benefits of medical marijuana and the discoveries of the medicinal properties found in all strains of the cannabis plant. We strive to begin to normalize the plant usage in every-day products to bridge the gap from the negative stigma associated with the plant.

Formation of Cánna-Chi 

Cánna-Chi candles are the first all organic and natural candle for aromatherapy. Using only the highest quality of hemp wicks, wax, organic essential oils, and hemp seed oil.

Cánna-Chi bath bombs are the FIRST EVER to be infused with industrial hemp materials in the state of Florida and throughout the United States!!! Vótano Industries LLC is the FIRST company to come out with a formulated product that involves all ORGANIC and NATURAL materials for a Cánna-Chi bath bomb. 

This is only the beginning for the Cánna-Chi product line and its' goal to normalize the plant as much as possible in the communities and throughout the United States.