About Us


Monticello Merchant was founded in 2017 after a trip to Washington D.C.  The name was inspired by the Declaration of Independence and the ideals and influence of Thomas Jefferson who desperately wanted to free slaves.  The Declaration provides clear and emphatic statements supporting self-government and individual rights.

Monticello Merchant is a women owned and operated, local, small business supporting Liberty and Justice for All.  We believe that all are created equal.  We believe in the Pursuit of Happiness and that hard work pays off.  Over the years we have built a large and trusted network of amazing and talented people.  We hope to Connect, Cultivate and Create together.

Cannabis and Hemp have inspired America to create again.  It is exciting to see new ideas and processes.  This Industry will reshape and help to save our world.  Hemp is one of the most useful plants on Earth.  For thousands of years, humans have used parts of the hemp plant for Food, Medicine, Textiles, Paper, Plastic, Fabric, and Fuel Oil.  Today, modern processing technologies have made it possible to create Alternatives to gasoline, plastic, and other petroleum products that can assist the human race in lessening their reliance on polluting and expensive fossil fuels.