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Honey Nut Bar Mix 10oz

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  •  iron, magnesium and more
  • Non-GMO, No Soy, No Gluten, No Egg, No Corn, No Nonsense, No BS
  • Dietary flexibility
  • Peanut allergy? No worries! Just substitute peanut butter with a seed butter
  • Natural energy source 


This hemp seed blended mix is ready in minutes and requires no baking. Add 1/2 cup your favorite peanut butter or other seed or nut butter, 1/2 cup your local honey. Stir, firmly press in an 8 x 8 pan, and pop it in the frig. Once firm, cut into 16 - 2 x 2 squares (36g serving). You're ready to eat.

It's a favorite with kids and those who love peanut better! These bars are an awesome snack, sport bar, breakfast bar, food bar any time of day. They're shelf stable. Not time & temperature sensitive, so take them with you where ever your headed, school, work or play.

If your dietary restrictions includes little or no sugar, use less honey and add coconut oil in part or in its entirety.  

Net Wt: 10 oz (284g) bag/ 16 servings per bag.
INGREDIENTS: Hemp Seeds, Non-Fat Powdered Milk, Unsweetened Coconut, Sesame Seeds, Sea Salt. Aprox 8 grams of protein when prepared as directed.

Allergen Warning: Contains Milk and Coconut 

To Your Good Health, Cousin Mary Jane